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Express registration without
income certificate

Free estimate of
mortgaging property

Free storage
mortgaging property

Return mortgaging property
without reservation

Convenient location
and mode of operation offices

Payment of interest for the
actual days of credit use

Possibility of repay
loan in parts

Payment of interest for the
actual days of credit use

Possibility of repay
loan in parts

Self-choice of period
of credit use

Pawnshop “Lombard Nadiya”

Pawnshop “Lombard Nadiya” was founded in 1999 for the realization of pawnshop activity in granting of financial credits to the citizens.

Pawnshop “Lombard Nadiya”, being one of the largest pawnshops in Kharkov, has a distributed chain of 27 branches located in the places the most comfortable for citizens: supermarkets, grocery stores, markets.

Taking into account rather high competition in the field of pawnshop services, the Company stakes above all on service level and strives for maximal satisfaction of customer’s demands beginning from credit conditions and ending with working hours of our branches.

Pawnshop “Lombard Nadiya” invites individuals and legal entities to mutually beneficial cooperation.

The Company is ready to consider any offers concerning the realization of joint projects related to pawnshop and other activities.

Pawnshop “Lombard Nadiya” endeavors to maximally take account of all wishes of its clients and to give professional and high-quality service.

If you visit the Company currency exchange office at least once, you shall be convinced that currency exchange can be civilized, pleasant and safe.

For more information, please, contact us by telephone: (057) 758-59-51.

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